Doctor in Economics, Denis Phan is a scientist in the fields of Methodology of Agent Based Models, Agent Based Computational Economics and Computational Social Sciences.
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PhD in Economics, former administrateur des PTT, Denis Phan is a researcher in the fields of Agent-Based Models (ABM), as well as Multi Agent simulation (complex) Systems "MAS" applied to Social and Human Sciences (ex: ACE - Agent Based Computational Economics , ACS - Agent based Computational Sociology ). Current research (since 2005) focuses more particularly on questions of methodology, epistemology and ontology related to this type of Agent-Based Models, after having previously concerned the engineering of these models and their simulation applied to cognitive economy (2002-2010). Previous research focused on telecommunications economics, computing and regulation (1993-2002).

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ISBN : 978-2717839937

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Denis Phan

Publications (1) - Methodology of Agent Based Models

Publications (1) - Methodology, Epistemology, Ontology, Emergence for Agent Based Models

My recent research focuses on model engineering , epistemology (what can we know?), methodology (How to know? ) and the ontology (what exists?) of (interacting) Agent Based Models (ABM) , as well as the computer simulations of these class of models by the way of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), in particular the properties of resultant complex artificial systems.
- With Frédéric Amblard, we published in French in 2006, and in english in 2007, an introductory book on Modeling and Multi-Agent Simulation, applied to the Human & Social Sciences. More recently, I coordinated a research book on ontologies for ABMs in Human and Social Sciences. In these fields, I collaborated with the philosophers Pierre Livet and Franck Varenne, with the GEMASS sociologists Nathalie Bulle and Michel Dubois, and with the geographer Lena Sanders.

- In the sub-domain of the methodology of emergence and emerging phenomena, I collaborated with Jean Louis Dessalles, a computer scientist specialized in cognitive science, and with computer scientists Jean Pierre Müller and Jacques Ferber, pioneers in the Multi Agent Systems.

Publications (2) - Agent-Based Cognitive Economics

Publications (2) Agent based Computational Economics (ACE) & Agent-Based Cognitive Economics (2003-2013)

In the field of the modeling of complex systems as well as in that of agent-based simulation for economics and social sciences ("ACE" models), I worked in particular with physicists Jean Pierre Nadal and Mirta Gordon as well than with the economist Roger Waldeck

Publications (3) - Industrial Economics & History, ICT

Publications (3) Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), Industrial Economics (1994-2000) & Industrial history (1991)

  • "Telcos and their Equipment Suppliers  : Lessons from the Transaction Cost Theory" ; (with Thierry SOMMER) International Telecommunication Society biennal Conference, Stockolm, june 1998. revised version : Governance and Technological Change : Transaction Costs in Telco-Equipment Supplier Networks in : Convergence in Communications and Beyond, Edited by E. Bohlin, K. Brodin, A. Lundgren and B. Thorngren, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam 2000, p.141-172
  • "From Path-Dependent Processes of Structural Change to a Diversity of Market Models in Central European Countries'Telecommunications" (with Hanna Kontkiewitcz-Chacuhlska);  in S. MacDonald, G. Madden (eds.), Telecommunications and Socio-Economic Development, Elsevier Science, Publishers, North Holland 1998, p. 315-336. (selection of 24 communications from 11th biennal conférence of International Telecommunication Society, Lille, 16-19 juin 1996).
  • " Learning and the Diffusion of the "Digital" Paradigm in Information and Communication Technology" with Godefroy Dang Nguyen) ; in S. MacDonald, G. Madden (eds.), Telecommunications and Socio-Economic Development, Elsevier Science, Publishers, North Holland 1998, p. 275-294. (selection of communications from 11th biennal conférence of International Telecommunication Society, Lille, 16-19 juin 1996)
  • " Structural Changes in Central European countries' telecommunications industry : an overview" (with Hanna Kontkiewitcz-Chacuhlska ; Communications & Stratégies, N° 20/4 1995 p. 65-84.
  • "Competition in the British Telephony Market". (with Godefroy Dang Nguyen) in Bohlin E., Granstrand O. (eds.) The race to European Eminence, North Holland 1994.

  • Phan (1991) Productivité emploi et salaires ouvriers chez Renault autour des années 1930 " ; Le Mouvement social, Nun  154, janvier-mars 1991, p. 63-101. (Num spécial " Paradoxes français de la crise des années 1930 ", sous la direction de Robert Boyer) - (JSTOR)(in French).
  • Cursus and functions

    Cursus and functions

    Former administrateur des PTT, I was a seconded civil servant at the GEMASS (Groupe d'étude des Méthodes de l'Analyse Sociologique de la Sorbonne, CNRS & Université Paris IV Sorbonne) as CNRS Senior Research Engineer from 2006 to 2020. Before that, I was CNRS senior Research fellow at the CREM (Université de Rennes I) (2004-2006) & associate professor of economics (1993-2006) at the ENST de Bretagne (now Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique).

    Previously, I worked in the Post & Telecommunications administration: as an analyst in the prospective and planning department of France Telecom (now Orange)(1992-1993) ; as Civil servant Student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des PTT (ENSPTT) (1989-1991) and at the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA - promotion Jean Monnet 1990); as a teacher in statistics, management and office automation at the National Institute of Management of the Post Office (1983-1988).

    In the 70's I was briefly (1975 à 1978) a record producer (i.e.: Banjo Paris Session, see others ref. on discog) as well as an organizer of concerts, tours, music workshops (i.e.: costebelle-Hyères 1975 et 1976 and Courville / Eure in 1977) and festivals (folk & bluegrass in France: Courvillev 1976,1977,1978).
    After this "music activity prelude" I entered a continuing permanent formation cursus at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, where I obtained a master's degree in history (1983) and another in economics (1984), as well as a Diplôme d'Etude Approfondie (Master) in the history of economic thought (1985). I was also an auditor in continuous training programmes at INSEE-school, Centre d'Etudes de Programmes Economiques (CEPE) & ENSAE (1986-1989).

    Research Projects & Schools, Organization

    Research Projects & Schools, Organization

    - Between 1992 and 1993 I co-directed with economists Eric Brousseau et Pascal Petit a workshop on the changes (mutations) in telecommunications industries and markets ; (ENSPTT-Economica. 1996)

    - Between 1995 and 1999 I co-organized five Conferences in Applied Public Economics with the University of Western Brittany (UBO) ("Economie Publique Appliquée" Economie & Prévision N°145 juilllet septembre 2000, presentation with Lise Rochaix)

    - Between 2000 and 2007, Together with Antoine Beugnard, I developed Moduleco, a multi-agent framework designed to simulate complex dynamics in markets, organizations, social phenomena and evolution of populations. In 2004, with the aim of unification, Moduleco was adapted as a plugin for the multi-agent platform "MadKit" initiated by Jacques Ferber.

    -Between 2004 and 2007 I co-organized three large CNRS Research Schools

    - Between 2003 and 2014 I coordinated or participated in multi-disciplinary collective granted research projects:

    - I have been a Member of the Board of Editors ot the Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (2006-2019), as well as member of Comitees for the journées de Rochebrune: rencontres interdisciplinaires sur les systèmes complexes naturels et artificiels (2003-2019).

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